Body Treatments

Hot Crystal Massage

This blissful experience is a nurturing and deep tissue hot stone massage.​ 60 min. $85 (3 pack $240, 6 pack $470) 90min. $105 (3 pack $290, 6 pack $575)

Mobile Chair Massage & Tarot

A convenient way to treat your staff or pamper your girlfriends at a special event! $1 per minute Special rates for groups avaiIable

Practical Pampering Massage

Get the best of both worlds with this unique session. Start with a meditative foot soak, then move to the table for heel pumicing & fascia repair. Drift into a foot, hand, shoulder, neck & head massage with moments of fascia repair for an even deeper release that your hardest working muscles will thankyou for! 60 min $75

Ear Candling

An ancient therapy to safely & effectively remove excess wax that builds up in the ear. 30-45 min. $45

Chakra bowl Massage

Experience blissfull cellular activation and grounding of vibrational sound healing from singing bowls played on each Chakra while receiving a guided visualisation & meditation. A specific blend of luxurious essential oils will be applied one chakra at a time in combination with a deep tissue hot crystal massage of the back, shoulders, neck, & head utilizing the healing powers of obsidian, rose quartz, aventurine & moonstone. 60 min $95

Fascia Repair Massage

The session begins with a 30 min fascia “scrub” to reduce toxins, cellulite, inflamation, scar tissue & open/loosen tension bound fascia… THEN experience 60min of hot crystal deep tissue bliss while you detoxify on a cellular level. 90 min $120 for more info: Blasting tutorial To target those hard to tone areas of the body combine an ITWORKS body contour/anti cellulite wraps & detoxifying botanical gel massage with the Fascia Repair Massage to creates the most relaxing way to detoxify, tone and release tension. COME WELL HYDRATED! 90 min $145

Healing Journeys

Past Life Regression

Assists in the discovery of past lives. This journey can enable us to identify the source of habits, beliefs, & dynamics with others that we are experiencing in this lifetime. $85

Tarot Readings

A tool used to look at the energies that are surrounding a person at a set time in their life when things may be uncertain, overwhelming, or any one of the many human states that we experience in our lifetime. $55

Beginner Tarot Classes

An 8 week series to explore & learn the ancient divination tool of Tarot Reading. Dates & Location TBA

Chakra Bowl Journey

Discover how having singing bowls played on your body, one chakra at a time in conjunction with affirmations & visualisations for each chakra can help to re-align your chakras & bring your entire being back into balance… A vibrational sound healing like no other! $85


A hands on treatment that utilizes the powerful energy of this ancient Oriental healing technique. $65

PLEASE NOTE: 24 hour cancellation notice is required or 50% of the session is due